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Update your CV online to 2015 styles and guidelines today!

Create your CV with our United Kingdom made online CV Builder. Replace your old CV with one designed for 2015 from just £5.00  

This is the best way to ensure your CV will meet all current guidelines and offer you the greatest chance of an interview.

For a 2015 style CV please click on the big red button to start the online CV Builder.

Our extensive online help and drop down boxes for suggested content is unique, You can also choose from 100's of example skills, you just click to add.

After you have viewed your completed CV online, in up to 15 different styles, you can make a one time only payment by debit card, credit card or Paypal for immediate download.

Our Advanced package includes life-time access and unlimited free future updates of your CV. Your CV can be downloaded as MS Word doc, docx or PDF.  

Need more reasons to use our CV Bulder, consider this....
  • Our CV styles have already been updated to meet 2015 requirements
  • Feedback is that our CV's do get results. Recruiters like our easy to follow CV styles
  • If you get stuck when creating your CV, just drop us a message or use our live chat
Despite my extensive administration experience I still did not know how to create the ideal CV. This CV Builder practically did everything for me with online tips and a great skills database I could just choose from and add to my CV with a click of the mouse 
 - Nicole R, Personal Assistant
The CV Builder helped me add the information I needed on my CV. I really liked how I could just click on skill examples that matched mine and they were automatically added to my CV. Really easy. 
 - Peter Y, Retail Shop Assistant
This is an impressive site, the CV Builder ticks all the boxes for me. It is professional, very helpful and the end product is excellent. Great value for money. 
 - Toby, Engineer
Quick CV Tips
  • When you choose our Advanced CV package our online CV Builder will allow you to download your new CV in up to 15 modern and professional styles
  • Unless specifically requested, we suggest you do not include the names and details of your referees / references in your CV. Instead show that they are available on request.
  • If you have not updated your CV in a while put aside at least one hour of time that you can spend, uninterrupted, to add new information or to consider a new or different presentation
  • When preparing your CV we do not suggest you show the location of various roles if you have moved cities a lot for more apparent reason. Employers like to see stability unless there is a valid reason.
  • When preparing your CV be sure to include at least 6 key strengths to demonstrate to the recruiter what you are capable of doing. Make sure they are relevant to the type of job you are applying for.
  • Try to include some community or volunteer involvement information in your CV to demonstrate your personal ethics or values to the recruiter
Do you need our help to create or update your CV?
For many people our automated online CV Builder is not the answer and they need our help to create a brand new CV or to update an existing one. We are happy to offer our expert assistance to help you quickly and easily.
Let us help you now
Expert Online CV Builder
Our simple to use CV Builder can provide you with a professional CV in no time at all.

Everything you see has been developed by recruitment experts to ensure that everyone can have a great CV. Try with no obligation and see the difference a CV Builder can make for you.  

Many people are now seeking the services of a professional online CV Builder  to create their CV online quickly and easily. Job seekers use CV Builder software because it  does much of the hard work for you.

The CV Builder will also guide you with everything that is required. So, if now is the time for a high quality CV this is what will help you you with;

Personal Information; our CV Builder will advise what personal and contact detail is required currently

Work history; we will explain how to best write your duties and how much detail to include

Achievements; our help fields give real examples of the sorts of things recruiters might want to see

Key skills; the CV Builder will provide you actual examples that you can include in your CV with a simple click of your mouse

Education; follow our online advice as to what to include and what to leave out
View our CV styles
Before you use our service we want you to be confident that the CV you will receive is of a high standard. So, we are happy to show you examples of what you will receive.

Currently we allow you to download in up to 15 styles under the Advanced package.

Click here to view all 15 templates/styles available.