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Free CV Review

It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes have a read of your CV and even better when it is from a local CV expert. At absolutely no cost (and with 100% confidentiality) we offer to review your CV and provide a thorough email with our observations.

How does it work?

  • Send us your current CV via the link below or by email to with the subject 'Free CV Review'
  • One of our expert CV writers will review each section of your CV within 24 hours and will provide honest feedback for improvement.
  • We have shown, below, an example of how your free CV review will look. We will tailor specific comment, relating to your CV, for each of those sections you see

Example Free CV Review email
– so you know the standard of response to expect
Specific comments on your CV

General appearance; professionalism, style, layout, fonts etc.

  • There are more pages than ideal for your CV; you really want to aim for 2 (or up 2.5 pages). Our comments below will assist to reduce the size of the CV. The appearance is basic, just looks like a simple MS Word doc, the font used should be at least 11 or preferably 12.

Personal information

  • This is similar to what information we would show if we were preparing for you but we would suggest you remove your marital status and age as they are irrelevant.

Profile / Statement

  • As a rule, we do not include when we prepare a CV. We feel the information you have contained in this section is better placed in your cover letter or maybe in the skills or achievements part or your CV. If included, it should be 2-3 short sharp sentences.

Key Skills / Strengths

  • It is good you have shown some key skills but we recommend you limit to 10 (absolute) maximum. This section is also best shown at the top of the CV under the personal information (name, email etc.).

Work / Employment history

  • A generally accepted CV guideline is to limit the number of responsibilities / duties to 4-6, it is a summary of your main tasks as opposed to a full job description. We respectfully suggest you try to reduce the number of responsibilities down as practical with that number in mind. Stick to the most important tasks you had only.


  • These days it is just as important (probably more so) to show what you have achieved in your roles rather than just what the role generally required of you. We recommend 1-2 specific achievements per role, ie this is something you did over and above the job requirement which shows how capable you are. For some roles however we accept such an achievement is simply not possible or practical in which case just leave out this section altogether

Education / Qualifications / Courses etc.

  • Ideally only show only your tertiary qualifications or more recent relevant qualifications that are applicable for the type of role sought. All the older high school information should go.

References / Referees

  • We agree it is best to show ‘Available on request’ A recruiter can ask for them later on, they do not need to detailed before you even have been interviewed