Special CV re-design offer - Only £9.99

  • 36 hour turnaround following payment
  • One of our UK CV experts will re-design and re-format your current CV to the latest 2020 style.

We will;

  • Review and remove all the information in your CV deemed irrelevant in 2020
  • Re-design and re-format every section of your CV
  • Ensure all spelling and grammatical issues are checked and corrected
  • If you select 'upgrade' service, for £6.99 we will also rewrite your content where required.

We do not;

  • Alter your words at all; we will re-use all your content unless you 'upgrade'. Remember, this is a low cost, quick CV re-design offer to help present your CV as required for 2020. If you want a full CV review and update service click here

How does it work?

  • Please submit your current CV (as below)
  • We will check to make sure your current CV is eligible for this offer (i.e. has sufficient content to allow us to do the changes)
  • We will send you an online payment and on receipt of payment we complete the new re-design and re-formatting within 36 hours

If you do not have your CV saved on this device please complete this short form and we will email you directly so it is easy for you to reply, when you can, attaching your CV.

If you can so right now, please send us your CV now, attach below

upgrade to our extra 'content rewrite' service for £6.99
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