Potential mistakes when preparing your CV

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  1. Spelling mistakes – make sure you check and check again for spelling mistakes. Recruiters are very strict on this, when they find errors it is automatically a very black mark against your name.
  2. Lying (or just exaggerating) on your CV – almost certainly this will backfire on you sooner or later and the outcome will not be pretty.
  3. Incorrect contact information – strangely it is quite common for mistakes with phone numbers or email addresses to occur as this is often not checked as thoroughly as all the other content in your CV.
  4. Talking about low school marks – showing you got ‘F’ in English when applying for an English tutoring role (or any other role actually) is not painting yourself in the best light.
  5. Sharing irrelevant information – interests such as ‘sleeping in late’, ‘late night drinking sessions’ etc might not create the best impression. These are exaggerated examples but keep all information positive and helpful to your application.

Recruiters typically form views on the quality of a CV/candidate very quickly. Do not do anything to damage your credibility and always show yourself in the most positive manner.

What are recruiters looking for in a CV?

Often recruiters receive a large number of CV’s for the roles they advertise. It is important that your CV stands out instantly and captures their attention with all the reasons you are suitable for the role.

When possible, your CV should include a full list your key strengths and a clear summary of the responsibilities and achievements in each role during the last 10-15 years. If you have relevant tertiary education, other qualifications or professional memberships they should be included.

We suggest you keep the CV brief and to the point, it does not need to detail your life history. The CV should be modified to suit each role being applied as you feel is appropriate.

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