Why consider us while looking for a CV Editor?

In today's corporate world, recruiters have started to measure the applicants on the basis of their CV. It means before you even show up, your CV speaks about you! In this web blog, we will look into the points that why one should consider Instant Online CV.

  1. We are professionals!

    Let's face it, being a CV editor takes a lot of consistency and that comes with time. There are many CV builders online that claim to be the best but they are good in terms of templates and designs only. At Instant Online CV, we make sure that the CV is designed according to the recruiter's standards and the information is congruent to the design.

  2. Tailor-made CV editor!

    We make sure that the job you are applying for and the CV you are writing is customized according to the recruiter. We assign dedicated CV writing professionals to work on your CV and not some random computer.

  3. Rewrite CV

    In case you have a CV that you want to rewrite, and then also we can help you with the same. If you feel you need changes with the English words, grammar, and re-formatting Instant Online CV’s Rewrite service can help you with the same.

CV Tips from the point of CV expert:

  1. Your CV is one of the thousands and you really need to stand out as most of the employers make a decision on your CV within the first 10 seconds.
  2. Ensure that your CV is written keeping in mind the recruiter’s requirement. If you are applying for graphic designing then make sure that you are using colorful and relevant fonts.
  3. Take care that your CV must not exceed 2 pages, including education, work experience, and courses attended.

We also provide LinkedIn service, if you want to create a LinkedIn profile or already have one; we can help you by improvising your profile and making sure that it matches your CV. Apart from that, the most important aspect for any CV or resume is its cover letter. The cover letter is the most underestimated and most important also. Instant Online CV takes care of the same and makes sure that you get the call for the interview.