To get a job interview in the current job market you need two things;

  1. An expertly written CV that details your skills and background in a clear, concise manner (in as close to 2 pages as possible). The CV needs to summarise your work history, provide specific skills that relate to the job in mind and list achievements to show you can add value to the new employer.
  2. A tailor made cover letter that addresses all the key requirements of the role as per the job advertisement. A cover letter is not a generic or introductory type letter. There is a very specific manner the letter has to be written in order to be successful. We will write the letter to a specific job advertisement you provide at the time we do the CV or later when you are ready.
Our CV service and professionalism is second to none in NZ. Let us help you today. We recommend you use our professional CV service to prepare both your CV and cover letter so that you will have the best possible chance of getting a job interview. Please submit the form below but before you commit to proceed or pay anything we will detail fully what we feel is necessary to improve your CV.

Our fees are simple;

  • Up to 10 years work experience - $100 for CV and cover letter
  • Over 10 years work experience - $125 for CV and cover letter
  • Graduates & ≤3 years work - $75 for CV & Letter
  • For the CV preparation only deduct $20
  • LinkedIn Profile - $40 (see below)

What do you get?

  • 2019 style CV and cover letter
  • A telephone consultation if we need more information from you
  • Unlimited revisions (corrections) within 72 hours
  • Free - 25 example job interview Q's & A's
  • We will update your CV again, for free, after 3 months in your new job

LinkedIn offer

If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, and you are job searching, then you need to consider this as many recruiters search potential employees via LinkedIn. We will write the perfect profile for you (whether it is to update your existing or write new). The cost is $40 when also doing your CV.

Payment terms

We ask for 50% upfront (by credit or debit card). Then only after we email you a preview of the new CV (watermarked PDF of the first page) do you pay the rest.

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After we receive your enquiry and current CV we will forward a payment request for 50% together with any other information sought (or a note that we will arrange for telephone consultation)