What makes us the professional CV writing service in the UK?

If you are a student or a professional and looking for the best CV writing service in the UK, you probably are looking for Instant Online CV.

In this web blog, we will discuss why we are a leading CV update service in the UK.

Many times, a CV is presented to recruiters and is not simply good enough. In the eyes of the applicant, it may look right but a recruiter looks for different things than you might realise. There are many vital areas that must be shown in a particular style. A CV writing professional knows what should appear and should not appear in your CV.

What are the qualities of a good CV?

  1. When it comes to the UK recruiters, they love brief and that is not more than 2-3 pages
  2. Professional, consistent, and easy-to-read
  3. Skills which are relevant to the type of role you are applying for
  4. Relevant achievements which are practical; recruiters love to see achievements
  5. Educational qualifications and certifications
  6. We recommend you to add a cover letter as it gives a specific reason why you meet the requirements of the job advertisement.

What should not be there in a CV?

  1. It does not need to contain hobbies and interests as they are not at all relevant.
  2. Make sure to avoid a photo unless it has been requested; also, do not include age, gender, nationality, marital status, religion, smoker status, visa situation etc

What are some of the tips from the leading CV writing service in UK?

  1. We advise you to tailor your CV specifically for each role to get maximum interest
  2. It is necessary to be consistent with the formatting such as similar types of headings of the same font and size, also use the same bullet points and no need to overuse capitals, italics, underlines, etc.
  3. Be sure to appear highly professional regardless of role type of level
  4. Make sure to add a cover letter.

Of all the online CV maker type CV writing services in the UK, we make sure that your CV is prepared by a dedicated ‘live’ professional CV writers and not any random computer. So, if you want your CV to stand out, then visit Instant Online CV now!