The best CV writing tips from a leading CV writing service provider

CV writing is one of the more daunting tasks for professionals, tradepeople or graduates as you have to summarise all your talents and achievements into 2 or (sometimes 3) pages, which is time-taking and involves a lot of thought and knowledge of what the recruiters expect to see. However, undergoing the process is worth it, and the hard work reflects on your CV.

To reduce that your burden, we at Instant Online CV, are here to help. We are the one of the leading CV writing service providers with a team of writing professionals, all from a recruiting background.

In this web blog, we will discuss the things we take care of while writing the CV for you and how it mke it stand out from the other the CV’s recruiters will receive.

To ensure that it is useful your CV needs to be:

  1. Clear and Concise: The information should be presented in a logical order, and the content should be easy to read and interpret, so the employers will find what they are looking for effortlessly.
  2. Authentic: A critical requireoemnt is accurate information, so don’t exaggerate too much, sell yourself for sure but do not include anything that cannot be proven.
  3. Synthetic: Make recruiters feel comfortable reading your CV, be concise: your CV should not contain more than two or three pages.
  4. Complete: Include all the information that is relevant to your job type and experience level. For instance, your cooking skills have nothing to do with the role of an accountant.
  5. Appropriate: Use the relevant information and experience that suits the type of role and company you are looking to apply to.
  6. Sensible: Send your CV as a MS Word or PDF format and save it with a name that makes it easier for the recruiter. Don’t name it something confusing and out of context

Once you have followed the above guidelines, you now have a clear, easy-to-read, and appropriate CV that will already meet many of the standards of a recruiter.

On the other hand, as a CV writing service provider, we ensure that the best CV writing professionals design your CV with no old templates or inappropriate content. If you want your CV to stand out, then visit our website now!