CV Tips

CV Worldwide Services are experts in the preparation of CV's for any job seeker. We provide a low cost service to assist you prepare your CV.

Here are a series of quick tips, we add to them all the time, they might just help you when you are thinking about your CV.  

  • Keep your CV brief and to the point, 2 pages is great if you can manage it
  • Unless requested we do not recommend including your photo
  • Do not try to create your CV yourself. Help, often at low cost, is much better for you
  • Modify your CV, slightly, for every different role you apply for. Highlighting the specific skills for each role is the best idea
  • Always include a personalised cover letter with your CV when making your job application
  • If you have an email address that is a little risque, smart alec, cheeky etc then make sure you get a standard one to use before sending your job application away
  • There is no need to show any personal information on your CV such as age, religion, smoker status, sexual orientation, health etc
  • Do not use colour, borders or any fancy stuff on your CV, recruiters hate it
  • Stick with standard fonts and font sizes, nothing overly large or small
  • Always ask someone to proof read your CV before emailing it away, it is amazing how easy it is to make a simple mistake and never pick it up
  • If applying for a job overseas always add your country and area code when showing your phone number on the CV
  • Always ensure you can prove any information you may have added to your CV, stick to facts without exaggeration 
  • Instead of naming referees or references in your CV it is best to say that 'Referees are available on request'